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Jolie’s elite skin care treatments will make dramatic improvements to the look and feel of your skin. Jolie has carefully researched product lines from all over the world and are pleased to carry Dermalogica, CosMedix, Jan Marini, and SkinCeuticals



Esthetician-Prescribed Facial

Upon careful examination of the skin, the most appropriate facial will be performed to achieve optimal results for the complexion.
Priced at Consultation

Premier Facial Package

For the ultimate experience combining intensive treatments for your face, delicate eye area, neck, décolleté and hands in one luxurious service, the Premier Facial Package will leave you feeling beautiful, rejuvenated and glowing. The Premier Facial Package includes the Biolight Miracle Lightening Facial or Five-Phase Firming Facial plus the Contouring Eye Facial, a firming layered neck and décolleté treatment and a heated hand treatment. This service is a great value and the results are absolutely stunning!
90 Minutes $225


The most advanced way to evenly and safely exfoliate the skin to improve acne, fine lines, some scarring, wrinkles, uneven texture and pigmentation. A transparent post treatment epidermal-leveling peel consisting of exclusive pomegranate enzymes will continue to treat the skin for several hours after leaving the spa.
45 Minutes $125 / Series of 6 $625 (buy 5 get 1 free)

Acne Hydra-Medic Facial

Our Exclusive combination of natural herbal and marine ingredients provides advanced skin repair. Controls oil production from overly active sebaceous glands, while maintaining skin moisture balance. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial formula heals while protecting against damage from mistreated acne conditions and scarring. Dermatologist recommended.
60 Minutes $125

Hydra Dew Express Lift Facial

Provides immediate in-depth moisturization and superior anti-oxidant protection while combating hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. This facial features Argireline hexapeptide, an ingredient derived from natural proteins, which gives skin a virtual lift.
60 Minutes $150

Age Reversal Facial

A superb facial for mature skin. Resurfacing cleansers with glycolic and papaya enzymes prepare the skin for the amazing retinol mask that helps reverse the signs of aging. The unique massage penetrates lifting, nourishing and detoxifying ingredients. A creamy hydrating mask completes the state of the art treatment leaving your skin glowing, bright and more youthful looking.
60 Minutes $175

Five Phase Firming Facial

Five unique phases actually lift and firm mature skin.
1) A sheer micro peel for vibrancy
2) Our amazing endless lifting massage jump-starts important cell repair
3) Application of unique, recently formulated deep penetrating ingredients firm the skin and make it more elastic and unbelievably smooth
4) A second massage delivers wrinkle reducing sea proteins and a firming tea blend.
5) A cool thick peel off masque slowly tightens the skin as all the ingredients penetrate further intothe deep tissues of the skin.
60 Minutes $150

Intensive Facial

Helps troubled skin by addressing specific concerns utilizing serums, boosters, electric modalities, detoxifying face and décolleté massage, and a unique skin exfoliating system.
60 Minutes $95

Easton Clinical Treatment

A new concept in professional skincare, chirally correct and paraben-free, effective yet relaxing, deep cleansing yet Rosacea friendly, results oriented yet luxurious.
60 minutes $125

Multi-Vitamin Facial

Unique mild and deep lipid based exfoliation of face, neck, and décolleté. Then ade-stressing muscle toning face and décolleté massage followed by a revitalizing vitamin masque. Excellent for blackheads, dryness and hyperpigmentation. Leaves skin glowing.
60 Minutes $95

Four Layer Facial

Various layers of fresh European seaweed blends are applied to the face during a lengthy face and décolleté massage to rejuvenate, tone and firm skin. Two specialized masques contour to the face shape renewing moisture and restoring a lasting glow. For all skin types. Great for Rosacea and sensitive skin.
60 Minutes $95 / with Extractions $135

Biolight Miracle Lightening Facial

Innovative marine biotechnology reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation due to sun damage, hormones, post-acne scarring and certain prescription medication. This revolutionary facial achieves outstanding results without damaging the delicate structure of the skin.
60 Minutes $150

Express Facial

A pleasant sampling for the “pressed for time” spa goer.
30 Minutes $60

Back Facial

Offers a soothing deep cleansing steam exfoliation with electric brushing, penetrating effleurage using bitter orange and cucumber followed by a reconditioning masque.
30 Minutes $70

Contouring Eye Facial

Combines a cool, thick peel off contouring masque to improve firmness. Includes a detoxifying Shiatsu sinus drainage massage to relax and restore delicate tissue around the eye.
30 Minutes $50

Men’s Calming and Restorative Facial

Calm irritation from shaving and restore the skin to its optimum condition with deep cleansing, exfoliation, face and neck massage, masque application and face and eye moisturizers to hydrate and bring the skin back to a healthy state.
60 Minutes $125

Face Telangitron

Used on the face, this treatment is a safe and simple procedure to remove vascular blemishes, broken capillaries, spider veins, angiomas and keratinized milia.
30 Minutes $80

Benefit Peel

Nourishing antioxidant peel for all skin types. The best all-around peel available for hypersensitive, aging and breakout-prone skin, Benefit Peel delivers vital nutrients deep within the skin’s layers to gently stimulate collagen production without excessive peeling. Highly concentrated with vitamin C, this potent antioxidant peel is even gentle enough for Rosacea sufferers.
30 Minutes $125

Purity Peel

Clarify breakout-prone skin. This detoxifying, deep epidermal peel uses a unique blend of acids to penetrate excess oil, decongest pores and clarify oily, impure and blemish-prone skin. Combining the groundbreaking AGP Complex with chirally correct alpha and beta hydroxy acid, Purity peel encourages healthy exfoliation and calms problematic skin to reveal a glowing, dewy complexion.
30 Minutes $125

Esthetician-Prescribed Accelerated Peels

These peels are prescribed for clients who need an aggressive approach to skin conditions that are resistant to normal peels and facials and are only prescribed to clients who are using prescribed products for pre and post treatment at-home care.
Priced at Consultation

Facial Enhancement Add-On Services

Lash Tinting30 Minutes $40
Décolleté Firming Treatment
(using warm and cool seaweed masques)
Regeneration Masque
(incorporating red wine Resveratrol)
Glycolic Peel for Hands with warm scented towels$25




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